Why “The Graceful Wanderer”?

You may be wondering how I came up with the title, The Graceful Wanderer. And, no, it isn’t because I see myself as a graceful wanderer. I am, in fact, an extremely klutzy person with a knack for tripping over air!

When I was trying to figure out what to call my blog, I focused on how I could combine my visions for this blog into a name that fit and made sense. First of all, this blog is written by me, Grace, and I’ll be sharing my experiences and thoughts on it. But more than that, my dream is that this place becomes a space for readers to come together and share experiences with one another. I want to help cultivate a community of people who help people grow and find their inner “graceful wanderer.”

“What is a “graceful wanderer”?” you ask?

Well, if you look up the words graceful and wanderer in the dictionary, you will find “having a smooth or pleasing style; polite or kind” and “one who follows a path with many turns; one who goes away from a path or course.”

For many, it seems as if life’s path is set out before us, ready for us to follow. However, I believe it takes a lot of exploration and experiences to figure out which path is right for us. There can be twists and turns we didn’t foresee or even completely new paths. This can be intimidating, especially if you feel as if you’re alone on your journey. And, while every journey is different, no one is alone and we can all help each other.

A “graceful wanderer” is one who embraces all of life’s various paths, faces them with excitement and turns to reach out a helping hand to others on their journey.

I hope that this blog becomes a place for you to turn when you feel life pulling you towards a new path. We may not know where we’ll end up but we can lean on those beside us while we get there!