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Wanderlust Wednesday: Six Types of Trips on My Bucket List

It’s super common to talk about your dream destinations and far off lands that you’d like to discover, but have you thought about the types of trips you want to go on?  The way you travel can be just as important (if not more) than where you travel.

Certain times you care most about the people you’re with, joining together to explore and make new memories, not caring where your head falls at night. Other times, you need a retreat, quietly wandering a new city, keeping your eyes and ears open to the scene around you.

There are many different trips that you can go on and today, I’m sharing with you my personal bucket list of six types of trips!Read More »

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page." ~St. Augustine (via The Graceful Wanderer)

15 Travel Quotes to Inspire Your Next Fearless Adventure

When I’ve been in one place for a long while, I tend to spend more and more time scouring the internet for inspiring quotes and ideas for new destinations.

Even if I don’t have a trip planned, it’s great to be inspired by all of the possibilities that could be just around the corner! On top of that, reading quotes is like having a friend encourage you to work hard to achieve a dream of traveling to all of those places!

So, I thought, why not combine them! I’ve rounded up fifteen of the best inspirational quotes about travel and paired them with some of my favorite photos from my travels.Read More »

Wanderlust Wednesday: First Trip Abroad, Lourdes France

Wanderlust Wednesday: My First Trip Abroad

I have been fascinated and intrigued by foreign places since before I can even remember. I’m sure that stems from my love of reading about faraway places and adventures abroad. Well, that led to a need to travel becoming one of my most common thoughts. So, when an opportunity to travel to France on a school trip came up, I worked my very hardest to make sure I got a spot.

I went to a Catholic, all-girls school for my high school years. As a thirteen-year-old girl, I thought it was the worst thing that could ever happen to me. But, of course, it was one of the best. That school offered numerous opportunities, one of them being an annual pilgrimage to Lourdes, France for rising seniors.

Lourdes, France Basilica of our Lady of the Rosary of Lourdes

After working on my application diligently, I constantly checked my email for news. I was incredibly nervous and sure I wouldn’t get a spot. I was wrong, of course. I remember checking my email first thing one weekend morning and reading the acceptance email about twelve times before running downstairs to tell my family.

France. I was going to FRANCE. ME!Read More »

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An (Insta)nt in Time: Paris ’14 | Part Two

I’m curled up inside, avoiding the piles of snow covering the ground, watching the Snapchat stories of some of my favorite Parisian bloggers for a glimpse of Paris today. Most posts display gray skies and pouring rain. While I’d probably be miserable trudging through puddles, Paris still shines in the rain.

The next best thing is to reminisce on my time there and think about the first thing I’ll do when I return, someday!Read More »

5 European Cities I'd Visit Again - Wanderlust Wednesday

Wanderlust Wednesday: 5 European Cities I’d Visit Again

It’s been just over a year since I returned from my six-month adventure abroad. I find myself browsing through my old albums on a weekly basis and thrive on the many travel blogs I follow to stave off my wanderlust until I can plan my next trip.

Looking back at my pictures from abroad gets me thinking about all the places I’ve been and wondering which places I’d like to return to if given the chance. There are so many places to see all across the world so to return to a place means that it’s got something special, more secrets and joys to share.

Read on for five cities in Europe that I’d happily head back to.Read More »

Wanderlust Wednesday: La Tour Eiffel

I’m not sure what kickstarted it, but I’ve been missing Paris more and more this past month. Perhaps it’s because it’s officially been a year and I can remember what the city is like during this season. I know I’ll be back one day, I just still can’t believe I lived in the City of Lights for five months last year.

I thought I’d try to ease my heartbreak over missing that beautiful city by sharing a few of my favorite photographs of that iconic tower from my time in Paris.

Read More »