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My Current Drugstore Beauty Favorites

Maybe it was growing up with an older sister, but I have always loved makeup. I enjoy the process of applying it and creating new looks, as well as browsing Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest for new products and makeup tips.

Although my love for makeup is big, my budget is not. But that won’t stop me! There are so many amazing products available at reasonable prices at the drugstore. I sometimes wonder why anyone would pay more.

Today, I’m divulging into ten of my favorite beauty buys from the drugstore. While there are many more that I love or can’t wait to try, these are the products in my collection right now that I’m loving and keep repurchasing.Read More »


Make Sense of Your Weekend | 4/1

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April, already! I think my wishing for warmer weather made March pass by super, speedy fast. I’m not complaining, these sunny (and longer!) days are making me feel motivated and productive. There are a few warnings of snow in the forecast but I’m choosing to ignore them, hopefully that works in my favor..

This weekend will be all about family time and spring cleaning for me. If you’re searching for a few ideas on what you should do, read on to make sense of your weekend!Read More »

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6 Pinterest Finds I’m Currently Loving

Like many others, I often turn to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. I tend to search for one topic, only to fall into the black hole and come out hours later having pinned several other links regarding something entirely different than my original interest. Oh, just me? Hm, moving on then. 😉

Today, I thought I’d let you have a peak at what I’ve been pinning these days!

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Make Sense of Your Weekend | The Graceful Wanderer

Sense of Your Weekend | 3/4

It’s March!

Soon, the flowers will start blooming and the birds will sing all day but, for now, we’re covered in snow. I’d totally accepted that winter was over as soon as I saw that first high of 64 on the forecast. I guess I was wrong because I woke up to a gray sky and white ground this morning. Oh, well, spring will be here soon enough!

On to the weekend! I’ve got a few ideas for you if your stuck on how to spend your time off. Here goes!Read More »