5 Travel Blogs You Need to Follow Right Now

5 Travel Blogs You Need to Follow Right Now via The Graceful Wanderer

Travel blogs are wonderful resources to turn to when planning a trip. A quick Google or Pinterest search can lead you to 100+ different blog posts filled with tips and tricks to having the best experience at your destination.

There are numerous blogs that I turn to when planning a trip and then there are those that got me hooked and I follow even when my next trip is just a dream. Today, I’m sharing five of my favorite blogs to follow to discover the best cities, hotels, restaurants, and planning techniques!

These blogs have gone beyond just the regular travel guides and photos, they have shared their personal experiences and opinions while showcasing their personalities. I continue to return to these sites because it feels as if I’m catching up with a friend or asking her for advice. I promise you won’t regret checking these sites out!

  1. The Overseas Escape. Margo gives wonderful advice on life as an expat (she lived in Germany but is now back stateside) and the best ways and places to travel, all accompanied with beautiful photos. She’s now venturing into the business side of travel with consulting and travel guides. Definitely check this site out when planning your next adventure!
  2. World of Wanderlust. This is honestly a one-stop shop for any question you have about travel. Brooke is from Australia but travels full time all over the world so you can trust that you’re reading advice from an expert. She talks all about what to pack, where and when to travel, and what to do once you arrive (and every step of the way)!
  3. MontgomeryFest. I first found this blog while studying abroad in 2014. The Montgomerys were living the expat lifestyle in Belgium, which was so fun to follow. They moved back to the states (San Francisco to be exact) but have now just moved to London! I’m really excited to read about their travels now that they’re back in Europe. And I love following Annie on snapchat for snippets of daily life in London!
  4. Let Us Wanderlust. Carly lives in a small town in Australia but has definitely been bitten by the travel bug. She posts beautiful pictures of her home country, as well as those from her travels. She’s got great tips on the best places to visit and things to do in your destination city!
  5. The Londoner. While this is really a lifestyle blog of London-based blogger, Rosie, my favorites are definitely her travel posts. Each post reads like a story, with stunning photographs leading you through to the next bit of plot. She’s traveled to many places and seems to know the best spots to grab a bite to eat and some shut-eye, which are necessary while on vacation!

What are your favorite travel blogs?  I always enjoy finding new blogs to delve into, so let me know which ones you love in the comments!


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