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Wanderlust Wednesday: Six Types of Trips on My Bucket List

It’s super common to talk about your dream destinations and far off lands that you’d like to discover, but have you thought about the types of trips you want to go on?  The way you travel can be just as important (if not more) than where you travel.

Certain times you care most about the people you’re with, joining together to explore and make new memories, not caring where your head falls at night. Other times, you need a retreat, quietly wandering a new city, keeping your eyes and ears open to the scene around you.

There are many different trips that you can go on and today, I’m sharing with you my personal bucket list of six types of trips!

  1. A vacation that I really want to go on is a trip with my friends. The few that I’ve gone on have been incredibly fun (A Roma to Nicole! 😉 ). Now that I’ve graduated from college this has shot to the top of my bucket list. All of my friends are spread out across the map and I’ve hardly seen them. I’d love to escape for a few days and just spend time with one another! I don’t see it happening anytime soon but as soon as I see an opening, I’m going for it!
    "Friends Trip" | Trip Bucket List via The Graceful Wanderer, (Venice, Italy)
  2. It is a blast to travel to new places with friends and family, to share that experience and grow closer in the process but I think you learn a lot about yourself when you travel alone. I’ve traveled by myself but I’ve never gone on a whole solo trip before. As a naturally introverted person, I think I’ll love the quiet of it but it’ll also push me to get out of my comfort zone and explore, which will help me grow quite a bit!
  3. A girls trip with my mom and sister. When I was thirteen, my sister moved out to Los Angeles for a year and, since she needed her car, she, my mom, and I spent my spring break driving across the country. It was a quick trip but we stopped at some super cool places (Loveless Cafe! Grand Canyon!) and I’d love to go on another “just us girls” trip now that I’m older!
    "Girls Trip with my Mom and Sister" | Travel Trip Bucket List via The Graceful Wanderer (Grand Canyon)
  4. This is kind of connected to my family girls trip but, I really want to go on an extended road trip. I spend so much time dreaming about other cultures on different continents that I sometimes forget how much there is to see in my own country. I’ve been lucky enough to have seen a great deal but I dream of just hitting the road and spending time in whatever city looks good on the map that day.
  5. One day, I really want to return to Paris with family, close friends, or a significant other. Having lived there for six months, really on my own for the first time (aka cooking my own meals..), it was home to me. I had restaurants, parks, and bars that I frequented and it would be really special to share all of that with someone I love whose only ever heard my stories.
    "Return to Paris" | Trip Bucket List via The Graceful Wanderer (Paris, France)
  6. Ok, so this is totally a faraway fantasy dream world BUT you know how there are so many beautiful, fancy, old hotels all across Europe? While I’m not yet done with the bare bones, hostel travel (I kinda love it!), one day I’d like to tour Europe luxuriously in hotels with bell hops and fluffy duvets and a million pillows and champagne in the room upon arrival and… I could go on, it is my absolute dream vacation, after all.

What is your dream trip? Where would you go and who would you go with? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday: Six Types of Trips on My Bucket List

  1. I never broke down traveling into those categories, so that was cool to read 🙂
    I really like road trips because it actually takes more time to go from point A to point B and you get to see everything in between. Of course a plane ride is way more comfortable, but sometimes I feel so disconnected and a bit disoriented when I land in Rome if I was last in Toronto!


  2. i love that paris has it’s own section. i have been twice, the shorter time was a week, the longer time was three weeks. i would love to go and never leave. it adore it there. anyway, for me too, it feels like home. i think paris is wonderful bc it offers something for everyone. xo


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