What I'm Loving: Pinterest via The Graceful Wanderer

6 Pinterest Finds I’m Currently Loving

Like many others, I often turn to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas. I tend to search for one topic, only to fall into the black hole and come out hours later having pinned several other links regarding something entirely different than my original interest. Oh, just me? Hm, moving on then. 😉

Today, I thought I’d let you have a peak at what I’ve been pinning these days!

Here are a few Pinterest picks that I’ve recently found (just click on the picture to head over to the pin!):

  1. Twisted Side Braid. This tutorial was on Gal Meets Glam a few days ago and, now that I’ve got long hair, I’m excited to try a more intricate hairstyle! I’ll let you know how it goes.

  2. Book Lists. If you check out my Pinterest profile, you’ll find a ton of book covers and book lists pinned. Most of those pins come from Modern Mrs. Darcy (I mean, duh, what a name!) and this one in particular I’ve pinned at least three times. Still working through it!


  3. Tips to Tame Hair. My hair often has a mind of it’s own and, since there’s a lot of it, I tend to just cave and let it do whatever it wants. I usually let my hair air dry because it takes forever to blow dry and ends up looking like a lion’s mane anyways. BUT with these tips from a huuuge Buzzfeed article, I’m willing to give the blowout a try. Here’s hoping I don’t tangle my hair in the round brush like I did as a kid..


  4. Shakshuka. Have any of you ever tried this? I keep seeing it all over Pinterest and it looks deeeelicious but I haven’t made it yet. If you’ve made it before, what did you think? Any good?


  5. Travel Tips. I am constantly looking up new destinations to dream about and tips on how to make travel as smooth as possible. This is one of my favorite recent finds from Yes and Yes. There are several good buys in there.


  6. Stripes. It feels like every single day I am spotting a striped shirt and falling in love. I’ve decided to make it my goal in life to simply live in stripes. Of course, Audrey is one of the most well known wearer of stripes and this article shares a fun history of the Breton stripe, which originated in France!


What are some of your favorite things to pin? I’d love to know in the comments!



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