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An (Insta)nt in Time: Paris ’14 | Part Two

I’m curled up inside, avoiding the piles of snow covering the ground, watching the Snapchat stories of some of my favorite Parisian bloggers for a glimpse of Paris today. Most posts display gray skies and pouring rain. While I’d probably be miserable trudging through puddles, Paris still shines in the rain.

The next best thing is to reminisce on my time there and think about the first thing I’ll do when I return, someday!

One of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris is Montmartre. While constantly filled with tourists, it’s a lively neighborhood with intriguing twists and turns. Getting lost up there on a beautiful, clear sky day is a treat.


Speaking of rain, Paris had some of the craziest thunderstorms I’ve ever seen! Sometimes it would be bolts of lighting taking attention away from the Eiffel Tower. Other times it would be sun showers paired with roaring thunder. I never grew tired of it.


Discovering one of the iconic locations from the movie Midnight in Paris was a definite highlight of the semester. We acted like total dorky tourists, and garnered strange looks from a few locals, but we didn’t care. We were waiting for our ride to the 1920s!


A tradition my program group started with every outing was taking “grass naps.” At some point during our day, we’d find a park or grassy area with a view and lay down for a long time, either sleeping or just enjoying the scenery. We lucked out with a beautiful quad on our campus in southern Paris, but weren’t the only ones with the idea to spend sunny, spring afternoons there.


While I enjoy heading to Montmartre for the beautiful views, others use those steps to get in their daily exercise. I only felt slightly guilty sipping on an espresso next to the stairs that men and women continuously ran up and down.


The quiet parts of the city are the best places to do some local people watching and get some writing in. My last few weeks in Paris were spent in search of these spots in order to do some reflecting on my time there.


A few of us were able to snag some cheap tickets to the ballet at Palais Garnier. I felt like Anastasia, minus the tiara. It was a total dream come true!


Wandering around a museum, like Musée d’Orsay, alone is a wonderful, relaxing experience. You’re able to spend as long as you want with your favorite pieces of art and skip what you’d rather not see. No pictures allowed, but I snuck this one of the beautiful clock. The museum itself is beautiful art.


My last night in paris was spent drinking wine and eating a baguette in front of the Eiffel Tower. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. We stayed until the tower went dark, which felt pretty symbolic. I can’t wait until I can see it sparkling once more.


I’ve thought about it. My first stop when I return to Paris will be my favorite little panini/crêpe stand, with lunch by the Seine. It’s number two on my list of Paris Eats, in case you’re heading to Paris soon!


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