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An (Insta)nt in Time: January 2016

I had a quiet start to the new year, spending time with family and staying cozy inside while the snow falls out the window. After just one blizzard, it already feels like spring outside. Let’s just hope Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction of a short winter was right!


I met my cousins and aunt in the city for lunch and some sightseeing before heading to their house for the week. I always enjoy ringing in the new year with my family, we play games and fill up on the latest movies. Some fun R&R!


While my brother was away, we watched his dog, Bertie. It was such a blast to have a dog in the house, and such an easy one at that! He loves to sleep and go for walks at our local arboretum. He’s not yet big on fetch, but we’re working on it!


One of my closest friends left for her semester abroad in Paris this month. *cue nostalgia* I’m so excited for her to live in Paris and explore Europe! It’s made me reminisce about my time abroad, which I can’t believe was two years ago already!


We got a lot more snow than we expected with blizzard Jonas and, with nowhere to go, we enjoyed watching the snow pile high outside.  Our cat, Maeve, was curious about the snow but didn’t much like how it felt on her paws, preferring to just watch from inside.


I already shared this photo in my last post but, I’m telling you, this was such a yummy brunch.  I can’t wait to head back to NJ and eat here again, maybe I’ll get another Stephen Colbert sighting!


How was the start of your year? Are you feeling refreshed and ready for 2016? I hope so!


What are your thoughts?

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