Netflix and Chilly Weather Crafts

If you live on the east coast, like me, you’re probably getting ready to arrive home tonight and not leave until Monday morning. While you may have stocked up on ice cream bread and wine milk, have you thought, yet, about what you’re going to do while the snow falls outside your window?

Worry not! I’ve got a few ideas of what to watch on Netflix and some crafts to pair with it.

  1. Jane the Virgin + Stepping Crochet Hat. I got hooked on this heartwarming and hilarious show while relaxing during the holidays and paired it with crocheting this hat.  While it may seem like a complicated pattern, it’s actually pretty easy and produces a gorgeous design. If you’re confused, there is a great video explaining it step by step, which you can watch while a new episode loads. Your ears will be grateful come Monday when you have to embark into the winter abyss.
  2. That ’70s Show + Painted Cooler. Make something that even Red would approve of: a painted cooler! This craft will have you dreaming of warmer days by the water. I just recently made my own and can’t wait to break it out this summer at the lake. I found this post on Happiness & Heather very helpful when creating my cooler. You can find ample ideas on Pinterest but the best part is that your cooler design can be whatever you want it to be!
  3. Dior & I + Crochet Cowl. Go behind the scenes as Christian Dior’s artistic director prepares for his first couture show. While you learn about the high stakes of fashion, create this “lightning fast” crochet cowl, perfect for keeping you warm without the bulk.
  4. Parks & Recreation + Dry Erase Calendar. Get your Leslie Knope on with this organizational craft! I love these because they are completely customizable, can be reused every month, and, since they’re dry erase, what you write down isn’t permanent. Here’s another example using paint chips for each day of the week, so it matches the room decor!
  5. Witches of East End + Sharpie Mugs. While this show ended after only two seasons, which I’m super bummed about, I still think it’s worth getting into. Following a family of witches dealing with a centuries old curse, there’s a ton of girl power all around. And this craft is super simple, just write your favorite quote or design on a blank mug and put it in the oven to set. Pop on another episode while the mug is in the oven, then enjoy tea in your new mug with the next ep! 😉

There you have it, your weekend chill is planned!

If you try any of these crafts, I’d love to see them in the comments below or on social media! And if you need anymore ideas, check out my Pinterest page, it’s chock full of them (I’m an addict).


What are your thoughts?

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