Wanderlust Wednesday: Paris Eats

It’s a common thought that there is nothing more magical than strolling the streets of Paris hand-in-hand with your beau. I beg to differ. While I’ve not yet experienced such strolling, I’m confident that the most magical part of Paris is sitting by the Seine with a crêpe in hand. Although, that could be my empty stomach talking.

It’s been over a year-and-a-half since I left Paris, tired and dreamy-eyed with visions of hamburgers and iced coffee in my head. Currently, I am again tired (due to my cat thinking four a.m. is the perfect time to rehearse for The Voice auditions. *Spoiler alert* She’s not going to make a chair turn.) and I’m still dreamy-eyed but, now, with visions of madeleines and cafe cremes in mind.

While I attempt to make edible madeleines in my brand new tray that I got for Christmas, let me share with you a list of my favorite eats in Paris. I was on a student budget so these are economical places that allow you to experience some delicious French cuisine.

  1. La Crêperie de Josselin. I want to cry just thinking about this place, it’s that good. It’s a tiny, family run restaurant with sweet and savory crêpes galore. Go on an extremely empty stomach and get the fixed meal of both a sweet AND savory crêpe, you won’t regret it. It fills up fast but is worth the wait, they move tables pretty quickly. It’s just down the street from the Montparnasse tower, which has amazing views of Paris at the top.
  2. Crêperie Genia. I was a frequent customer here. How could I not be when they sell a panini, nutella crêpe, and a drink for 4.50 euros?! It’s a small place with very little seating upstairs so my suggestion to you is to grab your food and head to the Seine. That is what I’d do after class all of the time and the last thing I did before I left Paris for home!
  3. L’As du Fallafel. This neighborhood, Le Marais, is known for all of the falafel shops. This one is the most famous of them, which leads to long lines at peak hours. All of them are great, so it’s really up to you and a matter of which line you’d like to wait in. Just remember to go during nice weather (or bring an umbrella) because the lines are outside! Head over to Place des Vosges to enjoy your falafel on a park bench.
  4. Angelina. This is one of the staples of a Paris vacation. Dress up and head over here after you’ve finished exploring the Louvre and Tuileries. Make sure to bring your sweet tooth because there is nothing richer than L’Africain hot chocolate!
  5. Péniche Antipode. I found this darling restaurant (on a boat!) near the end of my time in Paris. It’s off the beaten track in a less touristy area on the Quai de la Seine. Combine it with a trip to Parc des Buttes-Chaumont, which has amazing views of the city.  Go on a day with nice weather to people watch and in the evening for a cheap beer and live music.
  6. Latin Quarter. This is one of the most popular areas for tourists, so many places seem inauthentic. However, if you choose right, meaning not the kitschy restaurants with people calling out to you as you pass by, you can find a delicious, multiple course French meal for under 20 euros. It’s often where we’d take friends visiting for the weekend.
  7. Shakespeare & Company Café. I have not been to the café because it only just opened a few months ago, however, I adored the Shakespeare & Co. bookstore. Again, this is a pretty touristy spot but that is because the bookstore is a must-see, and while you’re there you might as well stop by the café. There is also a small park with a view of Notre Dame (and wifi!) right across the street.

Now that my stomach is grumbling, I’m going to go ahead and book a ticket to Paris ASAP!

What are some of your favorite places to eat in Paris?


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