5 European Cities I'd Visit Again - Wanderlust Wednesday

Wanderlust Wednesday: 5 European Cities I’d Visit Again

It’s been just over a year since I returned from my six-month adventure abroad. I find myself browsing through my old albums on a weekly basis and thrive on the many travel blogs I follow to stave off my wanderlust until I can plan my next trip.

Looking back at my pictures from abroad gets me thinking about all the places I’ve been and wondering which places I’d like to return to if given the chance. There are so many places to see all across the world so to return to a place means that it’s got something special, more secrets and joys to share.

Read on for five cities in Europe that I’d happily head back to.
1. Paris, France

5 European Cities I'd Visit Again -  Paris

I lived and studied in Paris for five months during my junior year in 2014. Although I saw much of the city and called it my home, there’s still more to experience. I’d love to return with a family member or friend to share my old haunts and favorite places with them, as well as discover new ones.

2. Dublin, Ireland

5 European Cities I'd Visit Again -  Dublin

I visited Dublin for four days while studying abroad. I immediately felt at home and connected to the city. I’d love to stay there for an extended amount of time to really know the city, beyond the touristy areas.

3. London, England

5 European Cities I'd Visit Again - London

I studied in London for a couple weeks before I went to Paris and completely fell head over heels for the city. If I have the opportunity to move abroad, London will be on the top of my list. There are still several neighborhoods I didn’t get to visit so, hopefully, I’ll check them out on my next go around.

4. Granada, Spain

5 European Cities I'd Visit Again -  Granada

My study abroad program’s spring break trip was to Seville and Granada and, while we had beautiful weather while in Seville, it rained for a majority of our time in Granada. We luckily got to see the Alhambra before the torrential rain but, besides that, we didn’t leave our hotel too much. I’d love to return and get the chance to do some real (dry!) exploring.

5. Lourdes, France

5 European Cities I'd Visit Again -  Lourdes

This was the destination of my first trip abroad! I was sixteen and it was a school trip. It was an amazing experience in a beautiful city. However, I was super overwhelmed the entire time, feeling as if I had to soak it all in at once. It would be awesome to have the ability to take the city in again, more experienced and at a slower pace.

There are a few more cities I’d love to return to but these are at the top of my list. How about you? Is there a place out there you’re dying to return?


What are your thoughts?

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