Beyond the Gown: 5 Graduation Day Outfits

With graduation just over a month away, many of you ladies might be thinking about what to wear for the big day. While we’ll all look the same in the sea of graduation gowns during the ceremony, there’s no harm to adding a bit of flair for the pictures afterwards!

Collages made on Polyvore.
Collages made on Polyvore.

Read on for some outfit inspiration!

At my high school graduation, we all had to wear long white dresses so I’ve been dreaming of graduation day outfits for a very long time. A bit weird? Sure! But graduating from college is a big accomplishment, sure to be documented heavily, and I want to wear something that matches the occasion and who college has helped shape me to be.

Here are a few different styles that I’ve been playing around with!

I’ve been deciding between the ‘flirty’ and ‘bright’ looks, myself! Which is your favorite?
What do you think is a must for a graduation day outfit?
Image Map

What are your thoughts?

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