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An (Insta)nt in Time: February 2015

And, just like that, February is over. Such a funny little month. It sure still feels like February with lots of snow falling today, expected to go through the night. But, you know what they say, March “comes in like a lion..” I sure do hope it goes out like a lamb. But back to February.

The month started with some self esteem love through the #20beautifulwomen challenge going around the interwebs. I’m not usually one to participate in these tag challenges but I do love spreading self confidence to those around me so I happily hopped on the bandwagon, posting a picture of myself with my cousins’ adorable puppy.

I have become certain that I will never know a world without snow again. The mix of snow piles and insane wind (a constant at my school) has made getting across campus quite the obstacle. A throwback of myself as a little girl coming inside after playing in the snow seemed fitting.

This month brings with it many birthdays, one being my dear friend Lizzie’s twenty-second. Snow put a halt on birthday celebrations but I had to commemorate with a pic stitch.

My sorority has two philanthropies that we support. One of them is Sharsharet, an organization that connects women battling cancer and their families in order for them to have a support system. I loved showing my support for the organization and the courageous women kicking cancer’s butt by wearing pink on #pinkday2015.

The day after Valentine’s Day means sweets, especially heart-shaped ones, are on sale. A few of my girlfriends and I took advantage of that and snagged a few chocolates for our inventories.

I have the cutest alma mater that sends alums Valentine’s Day packages. I immediately hung up my flag by my Dr. Seuss inspired map canvas and paintings of Paris, all the things that fill my heart.

L and I decided to relive our sophomore year by going the fraternity party route rather than the bar one Friday night. What we feared would make us feel extremely old and washed up turned out to be a fun night.

As an uber nostalgic person, I check my timehop daily. As if I wasn’t already missing my mom A LOT, seeing this pic made me miss her even more. Still not over the whole away-from-family part of college.

Have you ever had a sleepover at a trampoline park with 100 of your sorority sisters? No? Well, I can’t say I haven’t after this past weekend. Our sisterhood retreat this semester was full of jumping, sliding, giggling, and very little sleep. An overall great recipe for an awesome sisterhood retreat.

And now onto an eventful month that will bring me to sunshine, good people, and, it looks like, more snow. Eighteen days until spring! Why don’t I believe that?

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