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An (Insta)nt in Time: January 2015

This month has been all over the place and now I am just yearning to get back into routine.

It started off with time spent at my aunt’s house, filled with some family stress but mostly relaxation and laughter. It was a month of new adventures, a bit of nostalgia and lots of snow (which doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon..).

I can hardly believe that it’s been over a year since I left for my big European adventure. I remember being so scared, being on my own and navigating through foreign cities. Those adventures led to amazing memories that I cherish each day.

Being home for winter break meant spending much needed quality time with my family. I didn’t go home at all, besides for Thanksgiving, during the fall semester so it was such a treat to spend a day driving around, talking, and stopping for coffee with my dad.

I was lucky enough to attend a conference, called Ambition, that’s put on by InterVarsity, an organization I’m involved in at school. It was sweet to head down south for a few days of sun and warmth, and really inspiring people, before returning back to New England winter.

I had to commemorate the day I first stepped foot on the streets of Paris. It was a crazy day of running through the London underground followed by navigating the metro in a language I didn’t yet understand. The moment I stepped out into the Paris air is one I won’t soon forget. I’m missing that city more than ever, thinking about what I was doing at exactly this time one year ago.

I definitely didn’t hate this view from our hotel in Florida. In fact, I could really go for that right now, as pretty as the snow is. Funny story about that dock on the right side. I was sitting at the end of it one morning with a few friends, watching a man in a fishing boat a few feet away throw his net into the water repeatedly.  After a few throws it looked as if he caught something big, as he was struggling to pull the net up. Well, he did: a wrought iron deck chair covered in barnacles! We just died of hysterics, although he didn’t seem to find it as funny..

All too soon it was back to reality, and that meant packing. And not just normal packing. It meant packing for my final semester of college. My last one! How could this be? I swear it was just yesterday I was packing up the car nervously for my first semester away from home.

Well, it didn’t take long for mother nature to take charge and blanket us in snow. Our first weekend back at school we had a big snow storm… And we’ve had one about twice a week since, it seems. I haven’t worn anything besides these boots for almost a month. It’s blizzard-ing as I write this from my comfy bed.

I have to be honest, I am a homebody heart and soul, but even I’m getting a bit stir crazy watching all this snow come piling down. I’ve finished the entire season of Friends in a matter of weeks. Now what’s a girl to do?

How is the new year treating y’all so far? Are you being hit by mountains of snow or just laughing at all of us New Englanders while you walk outside in a t-shirt? 😉

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