My Word for 2015: Intentional

Year after year, I’ve tried to make new year’s resolutions and, year after year, I’ve forgotten about them by February. It’s not that I lack motivation to maintain them, it’s often that the goals I make are too intimidating. I fall, discouraged, if I mess up once, too scared to get back on the right path.

This year, friends, I’ve decided not to make a list of resolutions. Sure, I have certain aspects of my life that I’d like to work and focus on, which you’ll see below. However, I’m going into this year with a new attitude, rather than a specific to-do list.

Thinking of a word for the year is a popular notion, especially around the blogging community. I’ve been reading numerous posts about bloggers’ words of 2015 and it got me thinking about what my word of the year should be. The word intentional has been placed on my heart.

A lot is going to happen this year, many changes and unknowns are ahead of me. My last semester of college begins in a couple weeks and, for the first time in my life, I don’t know where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing come autumn.


I’m going to be more intentional in many areas of my life.

Relationships.  I tend to be introverted by nature but am going to prioritize quality times with friends and family. This is the last time of my life where I will be so close to my friends, geographically. I am going to be intentional about growing these relationships. I want them to be genuine, authentic, and strong, which means reaching out and being real.

Faith. I’m notoriously bad at setting aside quiet time with God into my daily life. I need to be intentional in my time, actually writing quiet time into my planner. I’d also like to have more faith-based conversations with others, my friends and those in the blogging community.

Dreams and Goals. As much as I might try to avoid the g-word (*graduation*), it’s coming.. fast. As I step into this new, slightly terrifying, phase of my life I want to have a clearer plan. There are so many things I wish to do, I’d like to sit down and take an inventory of my dreams and goals and where they fit in my life now and in the future.

Blog. I’ve spent a long time reading blogs and love the community of the blogging world. I had a blog for my study abroad experience but decided to start fresh with this blog. My plan for this year is to integrate more into the blogging community and consistently produce quality posts.

What is your word or plan for 2015? I can’t wait for all this year has to bring each of us.

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One thought on “My Word for 2015: Intentional

  1. i love the idea of picking an attitude to focus on rather than making a list of goals! it seems so much more practical. “intentional” sounds like the perfect word! happy new year! xx


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