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An (Insta)nt in Time: December 2014

I’m sitting here, at my aunt’s house, looking pretty scary with a green face mask on, happily looking back on an eventful month that ended an eventful year.

This December was a month that began with buckets of stress from final papers and exams and ended with relaxation and high hopes for the new year.

After returning from Thanksgiving break, I was surprised by my sorority “little” with a beautiful paddle and adorable picture frame that she had crafted while home. I absolutely love it and now have it hanging proudly on my wall.

It seems to be a common occurrence for it to rain on Tuesdays at school. One day this month, the gray clouds above me as I walked to class, had me especially missing Paris, where rainy days plagued the city.

At my sorority’s annual holiday party, the executive board gives out awards to certain members who have stood out that semester. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the “Girl who’s got standards” award.

I go to school in an extremely rural area, our campus is basically the town. There are a few bars just off campus that the 21+ crowd frequents.  On certain nights, clubs will host 18+ bar nights and the most popular one of the year is Hillel’s Hannukah Bar Night. My friends and I were ecstatic to finally be able to attend.

Too soon finals week was upon us and I found myself shut in my apartment, staring at my computer screen for hours, reading notes and writing papers. The only thing that got me through those countless study hours was my tiny Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

After a couple days full of relaxing and Gilmore Girls following my return home after finals, I went into full Christmas mode. I was a tornado, filling every corner of the house with Christmas cheer. Having finished decorating, I was ready to celebrate Jesus’ birthday.

One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season is decorating our family room tree, which we fill with handmade ornaments from our childhood and grandparents. The one pictured, of me in preschool, is one of my favorites.

Following a few days full of decorating, Christmas music and movies, food, and family, I was ready for a good night’s sleep. I wish I could keep these lights up all year long.

I’ve been staying with my cousins for the past week, since we always celebrate New Year’s with them. They had friends from Australia visiting, so we spent a day sightseeing around New York City, on a chilly but beautiful day.

After spending last New Year’s in London, this one was sure to be different. I was glad to enter a year full of changes with some old traditions. Cheers.

What are a few of your favorite moments from December?

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