Fam & Friends Friday: Christmas Traditions

Happy Friday, y’all!

Can you believe how quickly this week has gone by? This whole year, really, it has to be the fastest one I’ve had! I can hardly believe that one year ago I was dealing with packing for studying abroad, getting a visa, and researching European cities and customs. With all that craziness, most Christmas traditions were pushed aside so this year I’m diving head on into Christmas.

My dad is a bit of a Christmas fanatic and has definitely passed that gene onto me. I love all things Christmas, like the Hallmark movie I’m watching as I type, and wish it could be Christmas all year round.  When I was a little girl, my family would make the trek to a tree farm and cut down our own, ginormous trees. My brother, who is basically a young Kris Kringle, now runs a Christmas tree shop each year.

This is me a couple years ago on my dad and I's adventure to the tree farm and shops.
This is me a couple years ago on my dad and I’s adventure to the tree farm and shops.

Today, my dad and I spent the day driving around and perusing the various Christmas shops in our area.  Even though my brother provides our trees now, my dad and I still go to the Christmas tree farm. We stop in the gift shop, admire trees and wreaths, and warm up with hot apple cider. It’s one of our newer traditions, but one I love very much.

The trees are up and the decorating will commence tomorrow. I plan to go all out this year. I’ll decorate the trees, one with all of our homemade ornaments and one with the fancy ornaments. I’ll set up the snow village on all of the open table and shelves in the house. I’ll place the nativity scene on our front table, carefully so as not to break off Joseph’s hand… again.

Then, on Christmas Eve, my family will all be home and we’ll watch Christmas Vacation together. I’ll go to midnight mass with my dad. I’ll probably sleep in my mom’s bed, although growing up all of the siblings slept in my sister’s bed. This tradition went away, to my dismay, once my brothers reached six feet and my sister got married.

In the morning we’ll open and change into our Christmas pajamas. Now that we’re all older we’ve been doing secret Santa, each taking turns to open our presents. We take breaks to eat breakfast, my mother’s amazing breakfast casserole and jewish coffee cake, and drink mimosas. After we finish opening presents, we get dressed and prepare for dinner with our extended family. This year we’ll be going over to my cousins’ house. We always end the night sitting in our living room, listening to Christmas music, and staring at the beautifully lit tree.

What are your Christmas or holiday traditions?

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